Launching innovative enterprises by combining exceptional talent, proven processes, and capital resources

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Parthenon Ventures is a business development lab and early stage investment firm with an exclusive focus on software.

Parthenon sources great ideas, builds teams, provides resources, and establishes proven business processes.

The company seeks to attract and maintain a team of world-class operators, marketers, and technologists across a portfolio of strategically important businesses.


We look for all of the following in new opportunities

Pre-Seed Stage

Before venture capital or accelerators

Path to Profitability

Products that can be taken to market quickly

Scalable Software

Grow exponentially with people not linearly

Capital Lite

Business that scale with limited investment

Unique Solution

Disruptive offering with no direct competitors

Strong Sales Model

Clear, high potential distribution plan

Operational Need

We can add value in addition to capital

Brilliantly Simple

Innovative solutions that can be built quickly

Home-run Potential

Vision for a game changing solution

Passionate Founder(s)

Obsessive technologists and entrepreneurs

Proven Pain Point

Fixes a major problem for target customers

Sustainable Advantage

Long-term ability to hold off intense competition

Large Market

Requires minimal share for large outcomes

Significant Value Proposition

Step change improvement, not marginal change

Recurring Revenue

Generates predictable revenue streams

We do not work with ad supported business models, inventory based e-commerce, highly cyclical industries, or businesses heavily dependent on federal spending


We are seasoned entrepreneurs adding value in the following areas

Strategy Formation

Business model generation, operational planning, and sales programs

Product Development

UI/UX planning, minimal viable products, and technical development

Employee Recruiting

Enhancing teams with highly skilled executives and operators

Business Development

Warm introductions to key potential customers and partners

Legal and Financial Guidance

Contract structuring, financial modeling, and employee issues

Capital Raising

Leveraging our experience and networks to source additional capital


Thomas J. Fast

Thomas J. Fast

Managing Partner

Abhijeet Singh

Abhijeet Singh

Technical Lead

Robert Lawson

Robert Lawson

Senior Advisor


Parthenon Ventures

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